The Eve of Empty Nesting

Well tomorrow is the big day!  My husband and I will be moving our last daughter to college.  Right now I am choking back the tears.  Our daughter is in her room furiously packing with such excitement.  I have been popping my head in to ask if there is anything she needs for me to do.  I have been needed a few times and I have to say that I have welcomed the requests!  I know from tomorrow night on I will be wishing that I had someone here asking me to get one more thing for them.

As a baby with little hair,  my daughter  began pulling the tiny pieces of hair that she had through her fingers to soothe herself.   She has continued this practice her entire life. I spent the afternoon with my daughter having our hair done and running last minute errands. Today, while sitting in the hair salon, I watched as she pulled her long strands of blond hair through her fingertips.  While watching her I realized that she is just a little bit apprehensive to begin this new chapter.  She needs to know that she is going to be just fine.  She is ready for what lies ahead of her.  Watching this little girl grow into a young woman has been a pleasure and a privilege.

Nobody really prepares you for this chapter.  When you are young and start  having your children you never think about the time when they will be ready to leave your nest.  I have experienced this feeling 3 other times but I have to say that this last time is by far the most difficult.  My job as a mom on a day to day basis is complete.  There will be no more running in after school, rushing to practice, rushing to work or preparing for the big dance.  I know that I will still be needed but it will be different.  When you send your little one  to kindergarten you know that you are starting to lose 100% influence of your child.   It’s really not much different when sending your child to college.  I know that I will always be “mom” and a place called “home”.  I also know from previous experience that once they leave the nest they will come back home,  but it is never ever the same.

Here’s to new beginnings.  To my daughter I say, ” go out and experience everything that you can and make your mark.  You are an intelligent young woman who will succeed at anything you set your mind to.”  I love you in the morning and in the afternoon, I love you in the evening and underneath the moon.  I love you.



Author: thenestisemptyblog

I am a mom in my early 50's. Navigating the next stage of life will be a journey for sure. Let's share our thoughts about building our nests and letting our chicks fly the coop!

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