My name is Ann.  I am a mom in my early 50’s.  I have thought about writing a blog for a really long time,  but I could never decide on a topic to write about that people might find interesting or maybe even helpful.    I have spent the past few months thinking about what my life will be like when our last child leaves for college.  I searched for articles to read that I might relate to, and I finally decided writing down my own feelings could be  therapeutic for me.  A week ago I drove to Michigan to visit my parents.  I found myself crying the entire 3 hour trip.  I was reminiscing about raising my children and the speed at which my life is passing before my eyes.   When I returned home from my trip, I sat down at the computer and began to type.  The nest is empty blog was born.  I hope that my experiences might be something that you can relate to and better yet, I hope that you might find some comfort in knowing that you are not alone.  We birds with once full nests must stick together!!  Peace.

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